05 December 2009 – I have been really busy shooting of late so this blog has been slightly neglected but I am busy working in the office now for a few days to catch up on processing and getting the photos logged and sorted so things should be back up to normal shortly. I had a shoot with Rob and Kal about a week before I headed out on tour and I remember that it was pretty cold and that we were all moaning a lot that evening.

I met up with Rob and Kal outside the Cutty Sark station on this cold night with the help of my friend Warren to shoot some photographs in and around Greenwich that they could use for promo to tie up with their current recording work. These guys have an amazing concept where they involve you (and me) in the process of their music making journey and I do not think this has ever been done before. I might stand corrected but I have never heard of this before and I love that they are trying something new to push their creativity. Basically they record, upload the content, let you listen, await your comments, take it into account, record again and then keep following this process until everyone is happy with the final outcome. I have been listening to their stuff since we were introduced and I definitely think they have some exciting stuff up their sleeves and I really look forward to following their process with this project.

Besides this the guys were just really nice and down to earth and I think they deserve the support so make sure to check them out and give them props so that they keep pushing on with this exciting concept.

These are a few of the photographs from the shoot we had together that I really like. It was a really fun shoot and we had an interesting time trying to shoot on the banks of the River Thames as the water rapidly rose and we kept having to move. Being cold and wet isn’t the best idea.

Hope you are all well. Marcus






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  1. Jane Henry
    Jane Henry says:

    Marcus, again these are awesome. You are so talented and a big inspiration. Rob and Kals project sounds exciting and I am going to follow it for sure.


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