27 April 2010 – I had a shoot last weekend up in Milton Keynes with the guys from Scrapbook Heroes and I was really excited about it because the guys seemed really cool during our planning for the shoot.

I’ve never been to Milton Keynes before and always love exploring so I was really excited driving up early in the morning and really looking forward to meeting the guys and getting things going. We shot a bunch of portraits in Adam’s kitchen filled with party trash from the last week or so which I am sure his mom wasn’t too stoked about. The weather out was amazing so we decided to head out and make our way to the forest to shoot in the trees and I really loved that location and the guys were a super good laugh especially with trumpet butt, lover boy and weird stories of two dicks. Haha. Add to that a rally drive in a rental car and you have the perfect components of a good time all round.

Back to the music, their stuff is super catchy and they are still really young so I can only imagine how big they can be if they keep going at this. Give their MySpace a listen right now (especially This isn’t Hollywood) and make sure to see them live because I have only heard good things. Just know that you will have their songs in your mind for a while because they have that hook and you can only help but want to sing along.

These are just a few of the photos that we shot together.

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