03 November 2009 – Tonight the party was properly kicked off by Sean Smith of The Blackout which seemed really weird at first but he did an super job.

I didn’t expect to see him playing tonight and didn’t even know that he was a DJ but I am a fan of the work he does with the band so I gave it a good listen. It wasn’t hard to like as he went through an amazing collection of songs from an even more amazing collection of bands. The crowd loved it from the start and it got my wife dancing which is always a good thing for me.

I spoke with him briefly after the show and it was nice to meet a really down to earth guy who seemed ready to make time for any of the fans there willing to chat.

Laughed the second I got home as I logged into my MySpace account and there was a banner on the front page with Sean’s face on saying that he needs friends. TOO funny. Anyway, I would definitely be down to see him play a set again.

He started playing pretty much as soon as I entered the venue so I made my way to the front for a very short stint in the photo pit. It was quite hard to get something that I would be happy with purely because he was standing behind a table with just the two lights on him and the stage is quite high. I like these ones and think they worked well.




Currently listening to : Belle & Sebastian – Sleep the Clock Around.

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