22 September 2009 – Tonight I photographed Senser at Dingwalls in Camden and I although I didn’t know what to expect it ended up being a super cool show.

The first time I heard these guys was in the Crusty Demons videos way back in the day and I remember how stoked we were on their stuff and how many skateboard trips were lived with their music as the soundtrack for us. Good times. It’s been ages since then and when I got the call to shoot their show, I couldn’t help but get all excited again. I had never shot at Dingwalls or ever been there to be exact but I liked the size of it. In a small venue like that the lighting is quite hard to work with purely because it is so close to the stage and it is mostly ALL red, blue or green but because of this I am allowed to play with my flash a bit which doesn’t make it easier. Haha. I shot a few and then just enjoyed the show.

These are a few of the ones that I like most.









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  1. needle
    needle says:

    Yay, nice photos. I will see them on Saturday in Huddersfield for the first time in my life, although i know Senser since the early 90’s. Coming all the way from Germany just to see them playing live.


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