20 April 2009 – This afternoon / evening I shot portraits with the guys from Senses Fail and they were really nice guys. Having worked with SO many bands I know how busy the members schedules can be when they are touring so I tried to make sure that I use as little time of theirs as I can and the guys definitely appreciated this.

I shot with them at around 6pm so there were already a good bunch of kids waiting outside the venue so we couldn’t go outside to avoid being bombarded with their fans. For this reason I decided to shoot in the loading levels of the Academy so that they could just relax and then head on to have some dinner before the show. I think that these came out quite cool and it was without doubt the quickest I have ever set up, photographed and packed away in my life (totaling 15 minutes – if that).

For me it was a real privilege because the band currently has Jason Black (from Hot Water Music) helping them out with bass and they are my BEST band ever.

Click Here to see the photographs I shot during their live set afterwards.









Update – My photos have been used in an interview with the band at Clink Magazine.

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