28 April 2010 – Tonight was the first time that I had seen and shot Story Of The Year and I had heard a lot of mixed reviews so wasn’t really sure what to expect.

It’s one of those things where you almost pre-think the show to be crap (but only because I dislike shooting at The Garage because of the lighting and their dumb policies) so you almost feel like you are waiting around for ages but tonight was a good night where it ended up being a killer show. I didn’t know the bands stuff too well and have only this week really given their new album a listen to but the guys gave it their all from start to finish and it was a pleasure to watch and I am definitely sold. The guys make use of the full stage and interact with the crowd making sure to hype them up so much that the whole venue (sadly only half full) was dancing and singing along with them. SO much energy.

I found their stuff really catchy and it got me excited to give their recorded stuff a proper listen.

These are a few of the shot I took during the show. The lighting was a lot better than for the opening bands but it was really specific – really good center stage and then super dark on stage sides so I pushed the ISO for this.

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  1. Gary James Broughton
    Gary James Broughton says:

    Two amazing talents in one room! Story of the Year and Marcus Maschwitz! The Garage was blessed last night for sure! The show was awesome as is always the case with SOTY! Was good to see you there dude!


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