Today we (my misses and I) had a super fun day out in the sun at Hyde Park with our good friends Warren and Andrea. It was really a relaxing time and we just spent the afternoon having a picnic and enjoying the outdoors and talking and getting lazy. Warren has recently bought himself a camera to play with so I brought mine along in case we got some time to shoot photos together and I ended up shooting some fun snaps of the group at sunset which is now peaking at around 8:15pm. I had very little gear with me but I made do with what I had and think that some really cool moments have been captured here. I did make a rookie school boy mistake and shot only in JPEG for some weird unknown reason so I have decided not to do any post work on these except for resizing. We were just playing the fool and some of them are slightly incorrectly exposed because of the light being moved over or aimed in the wrong direction but I like them and would really like to know what you think so comment if you have the time.

I hope you are all well. Marcus







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  1. Kevin Mullins
    Kevin Mullins says:

    They are cool. Might be a slight exposure issue on a couple but nothing to take away from the fun in the images. Useing the Speedlites really makes a difference (esp. at 8:15pm). Nice one.


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