Interview / Feature in Quint Magazine

There is a great magazine being put together in Dubai called Quint Magazine and they currently just released their 12th issue which is a music themed issue. The team over at Quint contacted me to run a feature on my work in the music industry…
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Interview in Quint Magazine

A few weeks ago the guys over at Quint Magazine contacted me about featuring my work in their next issue which would be known as their music issue. I flipped through a few copies of the magazine and really liked what they were doing so I agreed…

30 Seconds to Mars at Wembley

23 February 2010 - Tonight I shot 30 Seconds to Mars at Wembley Arena which was an ABSOLUTE nightmare traveling to and from. I won't bore you with my travel troubles but I just really never enjoy those trips because they just never work…
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Jared Leto Fan Site

Some of my photographs of 30 Seconds to Mars are being used on the new Jared Leto fan site in Germany and I think it's cool. Check it out if you a fan of Jared Leto.
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30 Seconds to Mars

Ok, the long weekend is over and family time has been put in so now I can look through my photographs from the weekend and try and post some of the ones I like. 30 Seconds to Mars also played on friday at the Coke Fest and they were super rad.…