Alan Shenton in Maboneng

I was in South Africa last month for shoots (and to sneakily spend some time with my family) and I was really excited to shoot some stuff with my good friend Alan. Alan and I used to own a visual production company together while I was based…

Shenton View

My buddy Alan plays in a band called Zebra & Giraffe and I've known him for years. He's a great guy and even though he is quite a bit younger than me, I really look up to him with a lot of stuff. He's played in many bands over the years and…

Zebra and Giraffe Portraits

01 February 2013 - I've worked with Zebra & Giraffe several times since the band started out and I was excited to work with them again on some new imagery for their most recent release of "The Wisest Ones". Greg approached me with a lot…
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Zebra & Giraffe Limited Edition Vinyl

The Zebra & Giraffe album, The Wisest Ones, will be released as a Limited Edition Vinyl later this year and will be accommodated by a collection of prints that I shot with the guys for the album artwork. This is one of those prints of Alan…
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The Wisest Ones tour poster

The boys in Zebra & Giraffe are heading on a tour to launch / promote their new album, The Wisest Ones, and they used one of my images for the poster. Make sure to go to one of these dates if you can.
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Z&G Wisest Ones Artwork

My friends in Zebra & Giraffe just released their album, The Wisest Ones, and it's definitely my favourite of their work so far. I was really lucky to work with these guys again on a shoot which resulted in the images used for the album artwork.…

Zebra & Giraffe / The Wisest Ones out July 2012

I recently worked with the guys from Zebra & Giraffe for photographs to support their next album, The Wisest Ones, which is released in July. I've heard a bunch of the tracks and it's sounding great. This is a teaser for the album launch using…

Zebra & Giraffe billboard

I am busy backing up all my work and just came across this photo of Andrew from Zebra & Giraffe pointing at a billboard of the band using a photo from a promo shoot that I did with them a while back.

Interview / Feature in Quint Magazine

There is a great magazine being put together in Dubai called Quint Magazine and they currently just released their 12th issue which is a music themed issue. The team over at Quint contacted me to run a feature on my work in the music industry…
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Interview in Quint Magazine

A few weeks ago the guys over at Quint Magazine contacted me about featuring my work in their next issue which would be known as their music issue. I flipped through a few copies of the magazine and really liked what they were doing so I agreed…
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Zebra and Giraffe endorsed by Fender

My friends from Zebra and Giraffe are endorsed by Fender and have just become a featured artist on their site. They used a bunch of my photos of the guys and it looks really cool so check it out here.

Zebra and Giraffe live in SA

14 October 2010 - Over the last week I shot with the boys from Zebra & Giraffe playing live twice at two different venues. I've always made it clear that I have a HUGE soft spot for these guys and since the first day I have given them my…