Francesqa at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2011 - There has been loads of interest in Francesqa lately but it's totally understandable with the tracks they have out. This was the first time that I got to see them live because something else always got in the way or was already…

3OH!3 at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2011 - 3OH!3 live are an explosion of energy and party in your face. Haha. Honestly though they are one of the funnest bands to watch live purely because everyone in the vicinity is up for a massive party. What more could you ask…

Framing Hanley at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2011 - Framing Hanley played the Atticus stage today at Slam Dunk Festival. They're rad, check them out.
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We Are The Ocean Video Shoot

07 February 2011 - My friends in We Are The Ocean were filming the music video for their new single (What It Feels Like) last week and I shot some behind the scene's photos for them. First off the new track (first single off the new album)…

Ten Second Epic at The Garage

01 November 2010 - Ten Second Epic headlined tonight's show and although I had heard a few of their tracks I didn't realize how good they would be live. The Upstairs at The Garage is always a hard place to photographs just because of the…

Hill Valley High at The Garage

01 November 2010 - Tonight Atticus hosted a free show and the support came from the guys of Hill Valley High. It was interesting to see how they fitted six guys onto the miniature stage but they did it and they played super well. The crowd…
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Atticus / WATO / Marcus Collab Tee

The guys from Atticus have put together a collaboration tee with We Are The Ocean using three of my photos that I shot with the guys while they were in the recording studio. I love how it looks and it just came out today so Dan sported it at…

Against Me at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2010 - Against Me! is the last band that I shot on this outside stage and it started to rain just as they came on stage so I kept it really short. I have a lot of close friends that I know are really into these guys so it was great…

We Are The Ocean at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2010 - We Are The Ocean is made up of a super nice bunch of guys with so much passion for what they do that it's hard to not get excited at the energy that they release especially during their live set. Again this was really weird…

Young Guns at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2010 - Young Guns, as I have always made known, are one of my favourite live bands to watch because of their energy so I can only be excited every time I get to work with them. As always they went off on stage and really made their…