Throwing stones

Spent a day at the beach, down in Hastings, today with my girl and our friends. Shot this photo of Layla while we were throwing stones at the waves ... apparently that will stop the cold water from getting us. I'm suspicious.

Brighton Ninja Silhouette

Work gets pretty stressful sometimes so I love acting like a dweeb every now and then ... Brighton is the perfect place for that most of the time. I shot a bunch of silhouettes with friends of mine during this Easter weekend and then decided…
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The New Bishops

This weekend was a super rushed but special one with a really good get away. Two important people in my life got married in Corfu on saturday and it was really amazing and just perfect. The weather was hotter than I ever remember it being in…
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Point 7 Nanniversary in Brighton

Today was the 7th month anniversary since my lady and I got married. I know it may seem silly to celebrate the monthly's but we are so excited on each other and it keeps us happy and going. Anyway, today we came to the beach and just enjoyed…

The New Lundbergs

This passed weekend I flew down to Cape Town to shoot a wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel. The wedding was really awesome and although the weather seemed super rubbish the whole day, we were lucky to be given a bit of sun just after the service…

Wilderness Sunset

The main reason we went down to the Garden Route was because I am working on a project for an amazing guesthouse that is in the progress of starting up in Wilderness called iKhaya. This day the sunset was incredible and I am only going to post…


I have again shot way too many photos from the trip but really wanted to put some up so I have randomly selected a few and these are them. Mauritius is beautiful and our trip was amazing. I will try post more when I get a gap but I have a lot…


Ok ok, this is another one shot a really long time ago. I was in Mozambique in 2005 and shot a lot of work down there for a client of mine. It was the first time for me in this country and I didn't know too much about it before I left. Anyway,…
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My Chicken Sauce

I realize that I haven't ever put photo's of my little girl up yet so I had a look back through my thousands of happy snaps with her and found this one that I know we both really like. I shot it last year on the beach at Langebaan lagoon during…
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Cape Town

I went down to the West Coast for my birthday in 2005 and on my way to the airport, at something mad like 6am, I passed Blouberg Strand and saw this scene. It was awesome and really one of the nicest things I have ever seen. Only problem is…