Hot Water Music in Portsmouth

25 August 2011 - I photographed Hot Water Music playing down in Portsmouth and it was a good one. The last time I shot with the guys they were missing George as he was on tour with Against Me! so I was excited to see the original 4 tonight.…

Hot Water Music Tour Portrait

05 July 2010 - I shot a quick portrait with the guys from Hot Water Music while they were out on tour. I had shot a bunch of intimate (fly on the wall) portraits with Chuck earlier (I will post these later) in the day and this was really…

Hot Water Music at Islington Academy

21 June 2010 - It's been a really long time waiting to see Hot Water Music play live and it was super cool that I photographed it. Islington Academy is a super cool venue to be as a spectator because its super small and intimate but when…