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The Spindle Sect Website

The guys from The Spindle Sect have just relaunched their website and have used a few of the photos that I shot of them recently and I think it looks really cool. Check it out HERE.

The Spindle Sect at Clapham Grand

27 May 2011 - Tonight I photographed the guys from The Spindle Sect opening up the show at the Clapham Grand. I was reminded of how tight their live set it from the last time I saw them play. The have a super cool energy and a hard hitting…

Van Coke Kartel at Clapham Grand

27 May 2011 - I was really excited about shooting Van Coke Kartel tonight because I hadn't seen them play live yet and had only heard good things about their live set. Lighting was SUPER dark with a strobe thrown in every now and then so…

Fokofpolisiekar at Clapham Grand

27 May 2011 - I've been a fan of Fokofpolisiekar for a good long bunch of years so I was super excited to see them playing in my new home. The Clapham Grand was full of ex-pat South African's ready to party and although the set seemed short…

Jack Parow at Clapham Grand

08 July 2010 - For a long while now everyone I know has been rocking out to Jack Parow and I don't blame them because his stuff is super catchy so I was looking really forward to tonight to photograph his live show and see how he brings his…