The Light

I have already posted a photograph of this street light before and I think that photograph worked well, but when I was shooting there again on saturday, the sky was super cloudy but so boring and grey. I decided to try something different and…

Sunset Again

Yesterday was yet another amazing sunset while driving in traffic. I was behind buildings and it too me forever to pass a spot where I could actually see it properly and sadly it was a little too late to get the actual sun before it said goodnight…

Traffic Pain

I have this obsession with the sky, clouds and the sun so any sunset or sunrise is always exciting for me. I was stuck in traffic, like every other person always is I am sure, and have finally decided to try an chill out and rather shoot photographs…

A Storm Was Brewing

Ok, I think I have blogged enough now so this will be my last post for today even though this has been fun. This is just a photograph I shot last night of a storm brewing during sunset from my house. Clouds are amazing.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

These shots are of Nelson Mandela Bridge. The sun was already higher than I had wanted to shoot these at so I am not really that happy with them. I definitely will be going back soon to try these again.
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Happy Easter

I shot these two photographs on Easter sunday. It was super good to spend it with the family and just relax it for a bit. Hope you all had some sort of a break.
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Sunset over the Vale

Sunset yesterday was super cool. Hasn't been like that in a while. I shot these while I was driving. Can you get a fine for shooting photographs while driving a car? Haha
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Dream Sunset

Going through some of the photographs that I have logged recently and forgot that I meant to post this a few weeks back. Sunsets are awesome.

Wilderness Sunset

The main reason we went down to the Garden Route was because I am working on a project for an amazing guesthouse that is in the progress of starting up in Wilderness called iKhaya. This day the sunset was incredible and I am only going to post…

Roadtripping to Woodstock

I did a little road trip to Harrismith on saturday morning to shoot some band photographs at Woodstock 9. Unfortunately I had a work emergency that forced me to leave earlier than I had hoped so I never got to shoot most of the bands that I…
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The Tweeds

I shot photos yesterday for my friends from the band Harris Tweed. I had an idea a while back for a shoot that I wanted to do with them but I have been so worried that it wouldn't work out the way I had imagined. Anyway, yesterday we gave it…
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12 November 2007

For some reason the sunset has been amazing a few days in a row. It's great but now I look like a sunset addict or something. Haha. I shot this about 5 minutes ago off the roof again and really love the way the clouds look and the sun rays. On…