Turbowolf at Electric Ballroom

10 November 2014 - Tonight I photographed the guys (and girl) in Turbowolf playing at the Electric Ballroom. Turbowolf are one of those bands that I've always liked and have been around for a while but lately they seem to be getting more…

Royal Blood at Electric Ballroom

07 November 2014 - Last month I watched Royal Blood play in New York City which was mind blowing so I was really excited to get to photograph (and see) them play again tonight again. There's been a lot of press about these guys and a lot…

Colt 45 at Electric Ballroom

16 September 2014 - I always enjoy catching up with the Colt 45 boys so it's a double bonus when it's at a show they're playing ... this time at Electric Ballroom. I photographed a few shots from side of stage which allowed me to enjoy…

Future Islands at Electric Ballroom

07 May 2014 - Future Islands have been one of my favourite bands for ages and they've recently released my favourite album of theirs so it was amazing to work with them again tonight and photograph them playing at Electric Ballroom. There…

Anti-Flag at Electric Ballroom

04 July 2013 - I've photographed Anti-Flag live quite a few times before and every time I am reminded why I like them so much. Tonight they played my favourite show of theirs and the sound in the venue was spot on. They sounded huge. I…

We Are The Ocean Workings

27 May 2011 - I've worked with the guys from We Are The Ocean quite a few times and it's always a pleasure. I spent the day with them during their London show last month and during the time I photographed a bunch of "behind-the-scenes" type…

We Are The Ocean at Electric Ballroom

28 April 2011 - Tonight We Are The Ocean played their biggest headline show to date at Electric Ballroom. I have worked with the boys a few times now and every time is an amazing time together. This venue was actually the first place where…

Don Broco at Electric Ballroom

28 April 2011 - Tonight I photographed the boys from Don Broco playing at Electric Ballroom and I was super excited for this show because I had worked with them toward the end of last year. I had an amazing time working with them then and…
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Rise Against Aricle in Vixxen Mag

A few of my photos that I shot of Rise Against were used in an article for Vixxen Magazine and I think it came out quite rad. Here is the tear sheet of it.

Rise Against at Electric Ballroom

16 March 2011 - Tonight I shot Rise Against (one of my favourite bands) playing at Electric Ballroom (one of my favourite venues). I've photographed a lot of amazing bands playing in this venue and this was the 4th time that I would be…

Thrice at Electric Ballroom

26 August 2010 - Tonight I photographed the guys from Thrice playing at Electric Ballroom in Camden Town. It was one of the shows I had been looking forward to for ages because I shot with them earlier this year as they supported Brand…

OK Go at Electric Ballroom

28 July 2010 - Tonight I photographed OK Go at Electric Ballroom and it was one of the best live experiences I have been apart of in ages. Don't get me wrong, I have seen and worked with a lot of incredible bands lately but these guys just…