Zebra and Giraffe Portraits

01 February 2013 - I've worked with Zebra & Giraffe several times since the band started out and I was excited to work with them again on some new imagery for their most recent release of "The Wisest Ones". Greg approached me with a lot…
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The Wisest Ones tour poster

The boys in Zebra & Giraffe are heading on a tour to launch / promote their new album, The Wisest Ones, and they used one of my images for the poster. Make sure to go to one of these dates if you can.
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Z&G Wisest Ones Artwork

My friends in Zebra & Giraffe just released their album, The Wisest Ones, and it's definitely my favourite of their work so far. I was really lucky to work with these guys again on a shoot which resulted in the images used for the album artwork.…

Zebra & Giraffe / The Wisest Ones out July 2012

I recently worked with the guys from Zebra & Giraffe for photographs to support their next album, The Wisest Ones, which is released in July. I've heard a bunch of the tracks and it's sounding great. This is a teaser for the album launch using…

Zebra & Giraffe billboard

I am busy backing up all my work and just came across this photo of Andrew from Zebra & Giraffe pointing at a billboard of the band using a photo from a promo shoot that I did with them a while back.

Interview / Feature in Quint Magazine

There is a great magazine being put together in Dubai called Quint Magazine and they currently just released their 12th issue which is a music themed issue. The team over at Quint contacted me to run a feature on my work in the music industry…
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Interview in Quint Magazine

A few weeks ago the guys over at Quint Magazine contacted me about featuring my work in their next issue which would be known as their music issue. I flipped through a few copies of the magazine and really liked what they were doing so I agreed…
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Zebra and Giraffe endorsed by Fender

My friends from Zebra and Giraffe are endorsed by Fender and have just become a featured artist on their site. They used a bunch of my photos of the guys and it looks really cool so check it out here.

Zebra and Giraffe live in SA

14 October 2010 - Over the last week I shot with the boys from Zebra & Giraffe playing live twice at two different venues. I've always made it clear that I have a HUGE soft spot for these guys and since the first day I have given them my…
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Photos used for new Zebra and Giraffe EP

At the end of last year I had a photo shoot with the boys of Zebra and Giraffe while I was out in South Africa and it was really good working with them and hearing stories of their progress. They have just had 5 of their tracks remixed by Cenzo…
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Shooting Zebra and Giraffe

I had a really good photo shoot with the band Zebra and Giraffe during December in South Africa and as always it was a pleasure working with them. We shot at a dam during mid day so the sun was as strong as it could be so thank goodness for…

Zebra and Giraffe Promo

13 January 2010 - In December I got to work with one of my favourite bands again back in South Africa. Zebra and Giraffe are still quite new in music terms but they really have big potential and I absolutely love the work they are doing. I…