Zebra and Giraffe at The Dome

03 December 2009 - Tonight I shot photographs of Zebra and Giraffe as they opened for The Killers in Johannesburg at The Dome. These guys are one of my favourite bands that I have worked with and it has been over a year since I had seen them…
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Interview about my work with Bluntmag

A few weeks ago, the editor from Bluntmag regarding my photograph and the work that I am doing in the music industry here in London. I always feel weird with stuff like this because I don't ever want to come across arrogant or anything like…
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Coke Fest Desktop Downloads

My friends Byron contacted me today to tell me that some of my Zebra and Giraffe photographs are available as desktop downloads on the Coke Fest website and I thought that I would post them on here. They are 1280 x 1024 pixels so click on the…
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Oxymoron Actual Video

I just arrived back from the Kruger National Park (photographs up shortly) and I had the best time ever with my misses. We have received some amazing feedback for the Zebra and Giraffe - Oxymoron music video that we created and I thought that…

Zebra and Giraffe Music Video Launch

Today is a super exciting day for myself as the music video for Zebra and Giraffes 3rd single, Oxymoron, is released. The video was created by myself, Alan Shenton and Greg (band creator and frontman). Basically the video was photographed by…
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Zebra and Giraffe Video Shoot

Yesterday I worked as the DOP (Director of Photography) for the new Zebra and Giraffe music video for their song Oxymoron. I think the stuff we did really is amazing and think that it will look incredible when it's finished but there is still…
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Live in Hatfield

I shot this the other day when the boys from Zebra and Giraffe playing live in Hatfield. The lighting was not so good from a photo point of view and it was starting to rain so I never shot that many but I do like this one because you can see…
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Zebra and Giraffe Kill Live

Ok, so my friends from Zebra and Giraffe played on Saturday night too and that is the main reason why I went to Tempos. I have shot with these guys so much before and witnessed many of the hours they have worked on their project and it's crazy…

Zebra and Giraffe live in JHB

13 October 2008 - I photographed Zebra and Giraffe last night and as always it was a really good show. Check them out now if you haven't.
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Zebra and Giraffe Band

It's been long since I really blogged properly but I have been super busy with work catching up after a super holiday in Europe with my dad. I played "happy snapper" on holiday and only used my little Lumix camera to shoot photographs which…
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Zebra and Giraffe in One Small Seed

My buddie Greg, from Zebra and Giraffe, mailed me last night to show me the article that is being run in One Small Seed. I shot the photographs that are being run in the article and they really came out super. One Small Seed is an amazing magazine…