WATO String Playing Portraits

17 March 2011 - While on tour with the boys from We Are The Ocean recently I sat with Liam, Alfie and Jack to shoot a few portraits of them just playing their instruments. I've never really shot anything like this before but loved most…
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Kris Roe

Today was a super fun day. I worked with Kristopher Roe which is really exciting for me after only being in London for a short while. Kris is a photographer and amazing singer, song writer and front man of the band The Ataris and he is currently…
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Alan on a roof

I shot this photo today of Alan playing his acoustic guitar on a roof. My company, Melon Graphics South Africa, just finished his online website blog so check it out at

The Shenton Rock

I shot a bunch of photographs at Zebra and Giraffe's band practice last week but its been really busy here and I am sick again so I haven't had time to sort through them. I really like this one a lot so it is the only one I have resized quick…
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Zebra and Giraffe Practice

The boys from Zebra and Giraffe are busy practicing together so that they can have a super live show ready soon. Its going to so good I tell you. I interrupted their practice last night and they really are working hard. The album has just started…

Alan Rocking the '63 Fender Strat

My buddy Alan is the raddest guitarist I have ever seen. No one could ever be more excited about guitar than he is. Not just about playing a guitar but everything that comes with them and the way that they are made. It's amazing and I love speaking…
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Alan Shenton

I have been friends with Alan for ages and he really is a guy with such an amazing mind way more mature than his age. He plays guitar for Harris Tweed and every other time that he can. I have been wanting to shoot a photo with him for quite…
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Shenton in the Light

I forgot that I shot this photo before I went overseas. I actually shot a few photos like this but I thought I had to put this up now. This is my buddy Alan and he plays for the band Harris Tweed and I love love love watching him play. I like…
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Pat from Unwritten Friday

Still busy sorting through photographs and saw these ones of Pat (excuse me if I am wrong) from the band Unwritten Friday and just remembered how shocked I was seeing him play for the first time. He really has a rad look and such amazing energy…

Good Lighting

Seeing as I shoot the Tweeds a lot and enjoy working and hanging with them, all the boys sat down and spoke about lighting for a bit. They let me set up the lights the way that I wanted for their show at Zula Bar in Long Street and I shot some…