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Dear Reader Portraits

My friends from Dear Reader are in Europe now busy touring the launch of their new album which is amazing (heard in studio during the recording process) and I am so excited for them. I shot some portraits of them back in South Africa before…
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Dear Reader in Coat

I shot new photographs with the Dear Reader crew last week and as always it was really natural and fun working with them. I am moving to the UK tomorrow and my plate is completely FULL so I will only be able to work on these later but I thought…
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Dear Reader in Les Rocks

Dear Reader just arrived back from what sounds to be a super good trip throughout Europe and they just sent me these 2 scans of my photographs with them that have been published in Les Inrocks Magazine. These are them. I will be shooting with…
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Darryl Torr

I shot this photograph of Darryl Torr a while back and he asked if he could use it for something so I just saw it again. I really like it. Darryl Torr is an amazing producer, sound engineer and musician and really just a really nice guy with…

Dear Reader

I took these photographs of Dear Reader (formerly Harris Tweed) a few weeks back but I just realized that I hadn't put any of them up yet. I really like them a lot especially the second one. Hope you having a good week, Marcus
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Harris Tweed in Studio

My friends from Harris Tweed are currently in studio working hard on their new album so today we went passed to see how it is going and shoot some photographs. It's all sounding bloody amazing as imaginable so this blog is to wish them good…
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The Tweeds

I shot photos yesterday for my friends from the band Harris Tweed. I had an idea a while back for a shoot that I wanted to do with them but I have been so worried that it wouldn't work out the way I had imagined. Anyway, yesterday we gave it…
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Miss Cheri

On saturday night, Harris Tweed played one of the best shows I have been to before. They did something different and it really worked for them. I am pressed for time so I am only going to upload this photo of Cheri so you can see how amazing…
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These are a few images I shot of Alan playing with Harris Tweed on saturday night. He reminded me so much of Slash from Guns and Roses (without the funny bushy hair and the smoke in his mouth). I really am enjoying watching this guy play. …
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One more for today

I rushed all my processing today cause I shot a lot of photos over the weekend but decided to work on one properly and convert it to black and white to keep it raw. I really like this photo. Cheri is a good lead and although it must be stressful…
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The Harris's Tweed

My friends from Harris Tweed were one of the opening bands for Fall Out Boy at the show on friday evening. As always they were amazing and it seemed as though everyone there thought the same. I really think they are going to go far and make…
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Fun Bags

This is Darren from Harris Tweed. He is a proper funny guy and every time I see him, he is happy and laughing. I shot this during their sound check on friday night. I really like this photo a lot and think it shows him the way he is. Fun ba…