What Is Life For Portraits

24 May 2012 - What Is Life For? is definitely one of my favourite bands that you haven't heard of yet so it's always great working with them on a photo shoot. The guys are from Gosport (near Portsmouth) and are really working hard on making…

What Is Life For at Purple Turtle

18 April 2012 - Tonight the guys from What Is Life For? played a show at the Purple Turtle and I went out to photograph their set to get some images of the new line-up with the addition of Jack Turnbull on vocals. I've worked with the guys…

Quay West Studios at The Theatre

16 April 2011 - The guys over at Quay West Studios hosted a show tonight to launch their new studio as well as a new single release from the boys of What Is Life For? I went down to party with the guys in Gosport and shoot some photos for…