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Jelluzz Artwork for Single Fire

Jelluzz has always been a pleasure for me to work with and he has just released a new single ("Fire") which he used one of my images for.

Jelluzz Portraits

17 August 2010 - I am slowly getting through my work and had to post a few photos of the shoot I had with rapper Jelluzz that we worked together on about 2 weeks back. As always he was an absolute pleasure to work with and it was great…
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Photos of Jelluzz used for Album Artwork

Last year I worked on a photo shoot with an amazingly talented North London based rap artist named Jelluzz and he was great to work with. Time has flown by since then and he has released an album which is available for free download called Green…
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Band Promo and Portrait Catch Up

Ok, so I have been really bad with updating this blog but that is all changing now that I am getting through my list of things to do. It has all been a bit chaotic with moving and work and shooting and life in general but I am making sure that…

Jelluzz in the City

02 June 2009 - Last week I worked with a local British rap artist that goes by the name of Jelluzz and this has to be one of my favourite shoots that I have worked on this year, not only because of the results that I got but also because of…