My work at the City Culture Collective

My friends from Revolution are throwing a free Christmas party on the 16th of December in downtown Johannesburg with a bunch of amazing exhibitions from artists and photographers and I feel lucky that some of my work will be up during the time. If…

Zebra and Giraffe at The Dome

03 December 2009 - Tonight I shot photographs of Zebra and Giraffe as they opened for The Killers in Johannesburg at The Dome. These guys are one of my favourite bands that I have worked with and it has been over a year since I had seen them…
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Johannesburg Skyline

I shot this skyline of Johannesburg the other day from the rooftop of my friends building during sunset. I was busy with a shoot and saw this and ran up to catch a shot. The sun goes down super quickly in winter though. You can read up more…

Sunday Morning in Newtown

This passed Sunday Rudi and I went to Newtown to drink some coffee, eat some breakfast and just walk around and enjoy the streets of Joburg. It was super cool and such a rad day outside, felt good to leave the office.

Cold Skyline

Ok, this is the last photograph I am going to post from the weekend. During the shoot at Top Star yesterday, Alan and I decided to climb to the top of the Driving Screen which we did. It was SUPER dodgy and I cannot believe we are still alive…

Skating No More

On saturday, Rudi and I tried to hit up a skate session. It has been super long and I am not sure if the location was terrible or if it was just me but it seemed for the first time in my life that I actually didn't care much for it. Weird. I…

SA Photographers On a Sunday

Yesterday we had our second excursion as the SA Photographers Group and it was super fun even though we got rained out. Basically, a group of our friends has decided to try and go on little photography excursions at least once a month and then…
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Zebra and Giraffe

The debut album for Zebra and Giraffe is going to be hitting shelves super soon and you really need to look out for it because it is amazing and definitely going to take off in a huge way. Greg Carlin is the mastermind behind the album and I…

Photographers Legs

I really like these two photographs of Anja and Simon walking around on the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

Nelson Mandela Bridge

These shots are of Nelson Mandela Bridge. The sun was already higher than I had wanted to shoot these at so I am not really that happy with them. I definitely will be going back soon to try these again.

Trains in Newtown

The whole reason we went to Newtown was so that I could shoot photographs of the trains and the railway lines under the Nelson Mandela Bridge. These are some of those images.

Walking Around Newtown

Here are a bunch of random still images taken while walking around Newtown.