John Playing Ball

It was so good to see people having a good time in Newtown. John was practicing basketball and was cool enough to let me shoot some photographs of him.

Simon Westmore

A bunch of us went to shoot photographs in New Town this morning. I will post a bunch of photographs a little later after I take the misses for lunch but I just wanted to put this one up of my buddy Simon. He was our bouncer for the morning…
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Johannesburg in Fisheye

I was asked the other day by a new stock images company to contribute some of my work to their database so I have been going through all my photographs from the passed to see what I think would work well for them. The people heading it up are…

Happy Chinese New Year

I wish I was born Asian. I love Asian culture, I love Asian food, I love the way Asian families seem to look after each other and out of every country I have visited before, Asia has been one of my best. This week has been Chinese New Year…
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Johannesburg Sunset

The sunset tonight was really amazing over Johannesburg. I sadly wasn't close enough to town to get the photo I would really have liked to shoot so this one will have to do. I just photographed it from my roof after getting a call from the misses…
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JHB Town

Been wanting to shoot more and more of town so tried to get a shot tonight just after sunset. The air was quite mirky for some reason and there weren't any clouds so I am not really that happy with it and will shoot again soon. Shot some randoms…
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Love Jones

This passed friday my friends from Harris Tweed played with Love Jones. I have only seen them play once before and have wanted to shoot photo's of the the lead singer (SJ) since then, so it was quite exciting. For anyone who hasn't seen them…

Braxton Again

Hahaha, again I am putting a photograph of Braxton. We are on a tour at the moment and everyone is getting tricks down and we been shooting some sick skate photographs but because he broke his arm, he just has to chill and aggrevate. He is so…

Revolution Warehouse Sunset

Last night we did a quick shoot in the Revolution Warehouse for the start of our skateboard tour that we are doing in the next few days. Anyway, the sunset there is always so beautiful and joburg just always looks so clean. I love it. Well,…

Goodnight Day

I have decided to try and use a blog instead of my current site to show off the work I do, hoping that it will force me to update a lot more. Anyway, this weekend the sunsets here in Johannesburg were amazing and I was lucky to have seen them,…