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Facebook Bandpages

I have some really cool people that follow my work and keep me updated by sending me screengrabs / scans of my work and where it’s been featured. I love that. Lately I have gotten a few of bands that I have worked with using my photos on their music player so I thought I would post a few.

These are for After The Ordeal, The Wild Archive, Dear Reader, Band Of King and Just Me Again.

New Just Me Again Tour Flyer

The guys in Just Me Again have just announced another tour for later in the year and the poster / flyer for it has one of the photos I shot with them in studio. I like the way it came out.

Just Me Again again

The guys from Just Me Again are one of my favourite bands to work with because they really are a laugh a minute … in saying that they are one of the most excited bunch of musicians I have ever met. They aren’t just playing music to be in a band but rather playing because it’s the only thing in the world that they want to do. They are a super nice bunch of guys and I love witnessing how much they have grown since we first worked together in 2009. This is still only the start for them I think.

These are a few grabs of images where they have used my photos that we shot the last time in studio together. Check them out, they deserve the support.

Just Me Again Christmas Invite

I recently finished off the photos I shot with the guys from Just Me Again and they have just used one of them to promote their Christmas Party they are having on the 17th of December at The Borderline. It’s bound to be amazing and if I wasn’t going to be road-tripping through Europe I would be there for sure.

Click here to buy tickets.

Just Me Again Studio Times

I had a shoot with the boys from Just Me Again a few weeks back in the studio and it was crazy times as always. Love what these boys are doing so just wanted to post this photo up of them while I work on the images from that day.

This is them with their buddy, Jamesy, who is funny as hell.

Back to processing.

Photos of Just Me Again on their Myspace

I’ve worked with the guys from Just Me Again and it’s always a good time. The guys have just had their Myspace properly designed and they used a few photographs from our last shoot together and I think it looks really good and presents the guys quite well.

The guys are really young still but amazingly talented with more dedication than most bands older and more experienced than them. I have a strong feeling that these guys are going to go really far with this project …. and even if they don’t, they will have the best time of their lives either way.