Harlem Shake favourite

So many people are making videos for the Harlem Shake and although some of them are good, I feel that one takes the cake. My buddy Matthew Pritchard (from Dirty Sanchez) joined the guys from Universal Fitness and this is what they made ... he…
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The Blackout in Loaded

This months issue of Loaded magazine contains a 5-page feature which I photographed with The Blackout and Matthew Pritchard down in Ibiza.
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The Blackout Album Artwork

The Blackout have just released their first single off their upcoming album along with the artwork for it which I photographed together with the guys and Matthew Pritchard, of Dirty Sanchez, down in Ibiza. It's a HUGE album and I cannot wait…
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The Blackout Tour Posters

My friends in The Blackout have a new album coming out at the start of next year and I've been working hard with them on the new campaign which is slowly rolling out. They have just announce a Pre-Party Tour and their Start The Party Tour, both…
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The Blackout Website

A bunch of photos I shot of The Blackout are currently being used on their site. Cannot wait for their new album to drop. Look them up.