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Bear in Morden Hall Park

My buddy, Brendan, made a bear costume for a personal project we are working on and I thought it would be a good idea to take it out of storage when it snowed a few weeks ago. We headed to Morden Hall Park SUPER early in the morning to play a bit. The few people walking through the park to work thought we were mental.



Working with Trina and James

I haven’t posted on here properly in a while because I have been super busy and this is a good excuse. Haha.

I was contacted a while ago by a really cool couple that are getting married later this year. Trina’s family following tradition wanted to show photos of the two of them on their wedding day so we met up for a shoot in the beautiful Morden Hall Park on a really warm day out.

At the time I was being assisted by two very helpful and fun ladies (Maya and Robin) that were out in London on a work experience placement from Holland. It was great working with them and sadly they have gone back to finish off their studies.

Anyway, this is a photo or Trina and James sitting on a park bench in the full sunlight and then the next photo I took a little further back so you can see Maya and Robin supporting a Profoto light with a big softbox to break the couple out from the killer sun. I thought I would share and use this to wish Trina and James all the best with their journey forward together. Getting married is a fun time.

I also liked these scenes so posting a few more.

Snow Pano

I just took a walk down to the park by our house to photograph a panoramic. The snow is still belting down a lot so I will go shoot more a bit later when the snow is thicker. I love the snow.

This photograph is about 270 degrees composed of 21 photographs. Click on the image to see it a bit bigger, it might be easier to appreciate like that.