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Just Me Again at Stakeout Studios

21 May 2011 - The guys from Just Me Again were down in Stakeout Studios recording some new material and I joined them for a day. I always enjoy working with these guys and am so excited at how much they are developing as a band. I was only…
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Narration in Studio

30 October 2009 - Today I spent some some time in studio with the guys from Narration. The guys are busy working on some new and exciting material and I am going to be working with them on some new promotional images later this month so…
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Jon Savage in Writing

I shot some photographs for the Cassette crew a few weeks back during the recording of their new album, which sounds amazing by the way, and I haven't really had any time to look through them yet until now and there are some amazing shots. I…
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Harris Tweed Finishing Up

With everything that has been going on here I just realized that I hadn't yet posted this even though I thought it was done last week. Crazy. My friends from Harris Tweed have been in studio with Brent Knopf from Menomena and I went to shoot…
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Harris Tweed in Studio

My friends from Harris Tweed are currently in studio working hard on their new album so today we went passed to see how it is going and shoot some photographs. It's all sounding bloody amazing as imaginable so this blog is to wish them good…

In Studio

Went passed the studio today to hang with the Flash Republic crew while they did vocals for their recordings and shot a few pics. Their stuff really is sounding so good. Can't wait for it to come out.
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Chris Chameleon

Again, I have been sorting through all my photos and I really must have a milllion and more of them. I shot these last year of Chris Chameleon while he was recording his 7de Hemel album. He really is a talented guy doing the weirdest stuff and…
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It Ain't Me Babe

My friends from Harris Tweed were recording the day before yesterday so I went passed to hang out and just enjoy the studio and their company. I had 3 ideas of the career I wanted to one day follow and these were photographer, sound engineer…