Rio at Slam Dunk South

29 May 2011 - I've worked with the guys from Rio a few times but have never seen them play live so made sure to not miss this one. The guys set is catchy as hell and they have quite a few tracks that make you feel like dancing. That's what…
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Criminal Damage Composite

Just busy going through the tear sheets that I have been sent and there is another really cool one from a shoot I did for Criminal Damage with Ryan Stripe of the band Rio. This is it.
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New Criminal Damage Tearsheets

I work with Criminal Damage quite a lot and it's always a good time. I just got sent a few things of where the photo's were used so thought I would post them on here. Featured in these two images are the very cool peeps being Elwood, Lora…
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Criminal Damage at Hot Topic

I work with Criminal Damage quite a lot and was just sent a mailer from Hot Topic with some of their new lines and a few of my photographs have been used including this one of Charlie of Rio.

Rio Promo Shoot

25 September 2009 - Last week I did a promo photo shoot with the guys from at the very cool All Star Lanes in Brick Lane. I hadn't met the guys before but had liaised with them before the shoot but I had heard their current demo's and…