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Young Guns album Echoes is Out

My friends in Young Guns released "Echoes" today which is their 4th album and a great collection of music that I've had on repeat for the last few weeks since I got sent it. The guys have worked really hard on this release and it was great…

Brighton Ninja Silhouette

Work gets pretty stressful sometimes so I love acting like a dweeb every now and then ... Brighton is the perfect place for that most of the time. I shot a bunch of silhouettes with friends of mine during this Easter weekend and then decided…

Skating with PJ

My buddy, Alastair, and I have been skating quite a lot together in the last year and he pushes me loads again which is super fun. I worked on a shoot the other day and had some props left over so thought it would be cool to use a few of them…

Cold Skyline

Ok, this is the last photograph I am going to post from the weekend. During the shoot at Top Star yesterday, Alan and I decided to climb to the top of the Driving Screen which we did. It was SUPER dodgy and I cannot believe we are still alive…

The Parking Lot

Anja and I were walking through the parking lot trying to remember where we parked my car last night and I loved the way the car lights were showing people in silhouettes so I shot these two photographs.


I shot this photo a while back with another one I posted but then I read a magazine about Black and White photography and then I processed this one and really really liked it. Clouds and the sky are so amazing. Hope you like....

I Win

Wow, this never happens where two blogs in a row are of photographs of myself. Anyway, the reason for this one is because the sunsets in South Africa get amazing during this time of the year and I was racing home to get a shot tonight but I…