A skateboard oldie of Moses

I was working through all my backups this last week and found this photo of Moses that I shot back in the day. It's one of my favourites that I shot with him. Skateworld - Edenvale - April 2006

Dean Back Salad

I shot a photo with my buddy Dean yesterday at sunset just because I love that guy. Here is one of them. Found a place to move to today. Yay, hope its alright. Will take some photos later. Have a good day, Marcus

Sunset with Dean Marais

My chest has packed up as it always seems to do this time of the year so that means no skateboarding for me for a while. Its really not that fun and laying in bed really isn't my best thing to do. Decided to use some of the time yesterday to…
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Session Issue 30

I shot an am's article with Seth for the last issue of Session Skateboarding Magazine and now that it comes off shelf, I can post them on here. The first and second photographs were used in the article and then the third is just a sequence of…


I was shooting with Seth on saturday and we got some awesome stuff together. During the shoot though, there was one frame that I kept getting when he never landed the trick and I couldn't stop laughing because it always looked like he was a…