The Spindle Sect at 100 Club

13 April 2012 - Tonight the guys from The Spindle Sect played a show to launch the release of their debut album, Bubonictronic, at the 100 Club. The guys are have been working really hard on the album and it honestly sounds massive so I…
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The Spindle Sect Website

The guys from The Spindle Sect have just relaunched their website and have used a few of the photos that I shot of them recently and I think it looks really cool. Check it out HERE.

The Spindle Sect at Clapham Grand

27 May 2011 - Tonight I photographed the guys from The Spindle Sect opening up the show at the Clapham Grand. I was reminded of how tight their live set it from the last time I saw them play. The have a super cool energy and a hard hitting…