My South Africa

A few weeks ago I arrived back from a trip to South Africa (where I grew up) and it was the first time in 6 years (since I moved to London full time) that I have visited as a tourist. My wife and I decided to avoid all the really crappy parts…

Flying fun with my buddies

I've been back to South Africa 3 times this year and on my 2nd trip I was lucky to have my friends over at the same time as me so we chartered a plane for the day to the game reserve for a day out. I love spending time with this little human…
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What Now Tour Video 2

Here is the next installment that I put together while in South Africa with the What Now guys. It's been AMAZING so far and I'm super excited for the rest of it. We've had pretty much NO sleep ... Good times!
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On the road in SA

Tour life is a good life but it is not a glamorous and we've been living in the van for a week now (driving on average of 10 hours a day) so the space is starting to feel smaller than it did at the start of the tour. We've seen some amazing…
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What Now Tour Video 1

I'm on the road with the What Now guys for 2 weeks in South Africa on their Move Like A Sinner Tour and am making some short video blogs for MK when we can. This is the first video. Enjoy.

The Westmore's

My good friend Simon and his beautiful wife, Claudia, got married in August and I flew over to South Africa to document their wedding day for them. I don't sell myself as a wedding photographer but it felt super special to spend so much time…

My work at the City Culture Collective

My friends from Revolution are throwing a free Christmas party on the 16th of December in downtown Johannesburg with a bunch of amazing exhibitions from artists and photographers and I feel lucky that some of my work will be up during the time. If…
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Johannesburg Skyline

I shot this skyline of Johannesburg the other day from the rooftop of my friends building during sunset. I was busy with a shoot and saw this and ran up to catch a shot. The sun goes down super quickly in winter though. You can read up more…