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The 1975 cover of Sex by Tyron Layley

My friend, Tyron Layley, recorded a cover of Sex by The 1975 and I really like it a lot so I decided to film a video for it. The track is beautiful and I wanted to keep it simple so I filmed it all as a one-take session in my studio with a single…

The 1975 Album Launch

05 September 2013 - Tonight the guys from The 1975 played a show to support the release of their debut album and I photographed it. The album is an absolute banger with so many great tunes on it that I know will end up being classics for…

The 1975 in Kingston

01 August 2013 - Tonight I photographed the guys from The 1975 playing a pretty intimate show down in Kingston ... I say intimate because these guys are on the verge of exploding. As expected, they were spot on and sounded huge. I had a…