04 August 2009 – Tonight I photographed Taking Back Sunday live for the second time this year and this one definitely erased the last one off the map.

Don’t get me wrong, last time was good but this time at Heaven, in Charing Cross, they completely blew away everyone with what seemed as a huge step up from an already amazing live set. I have been a fan for the boys since I first heard their stuff a long time back so it’s almost guaranteed that I would enjoy the show, the only difference is that I REALLY enjoyed the show. The venue was amazing and the show was really intimate which is rapidly growing to be my favourite way to watch a live band. Heaven resembles and old warehouse and the sounds, lighting and crowd were perfect from the word go.

I had shot portraits with Adam and Matt earlier and the day (will post these shortly) and after speaking with them about their new album and they way they have introduced the album to the fans got me super excited to stay and shoot the live show and just hang out and enjoy.

Technically speaking, the lighting was amazing as a spectators point of view and it seemed as though they were filming a music video but due to the majority of the light coming from behind the stage, the best angle I could think of shooting from was to create silhouettes (apart from where the front strobe made its way in shot) and the wild colours really made it interesting in terms of colour balance. A much “funner” show to witness than to shoot but I think that there are a few good ones worth keeping in this set. I love the ones mostly where I shot from the back of the crowd after making my way through the large tight crowd for a second time (thanks to everyone for being patient and cool).

If you’re not a TBS fan, that’s cool, just do yourself a favour and make sure to watch them live. After this show it is evident that they are feeling comfortable now with the line up changes and the new material. Awesome




















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