19 April 2009 – The last band I shot at Give It A Name was one of my all time favourite bands and I had a lot to expect from them. Thankfully Taking Back Sunday never let me down.

They were as good as I imagined them to be and I loved watching them play some of my favourite tracks that have headlined many of my road trip journeys. They have a new album coming out on 1 June 2009 and it is one that I am definitely looking out for. These are a few of the photographs I shot before I gave up in the chaos and headed stage-side to just enjoy as a fan. The front man, Adam, had some of the sweetest country moves I have ever seen and I found myself trying to replicate them this morning while brushing my teeth. Signs of a good night out.










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  1. keli jones
    keli jones says:

    he might be country but DANG!
    love these pics soooooooooo much..im not bias or anything! what a best night, what a best tographer! great!!


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