24 June 2010 – For a while now I have been really feeling Tegan and Sara and hoping to catch them live so I was super excited to shoot them playing The Round house tonight.

The Roundhouse is an amazing venue and although the sound inside isn’t 100% because of its shape, the feel of the venue makes up for that and I love going to shows there. The venue was packed and the band really made a good effort to get the party going. The set was one of the longest I have seen in a while and I think they covered 25 tracks but it worked well.

I didn’t really feel the lighting while shooting tonight but I think it’s possibly just because the last few shows have been so good. Either way, I had a super time and recommend checking them out either live or by giving their recorded stuff a listen. It’s all rad.

Setlist: Back In Your Head, The Ocean, On Directing, The Cure, Sentimental Tune, Alligator, Red Belt, You Wouldn’t Like Me, I Bet It Stung, Where Does The Good Go, Speak Slow, Hop A Plane, Walking With A Ghost, So Jealous, Like O Like H, Night Watch, Don’t Rush, Northshore, Hell, Nineteen, The Con, Dark Come Soon, Feel It In My Bones, Call It Off, Living Room.

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  1. Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes says:

    Great shots. I was in the pit too but I can see why you’re the pro and I’m the amateur blogger haha.


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