30 March 2010 – Tonight I photographed The Automatic and it was one of those nights where I didn’t really expect too much and the night turned out amazingly.

I first time I heard about these guys was in 2007 when they played at Give It A Name and their live show was incredible and I remember going from the venue to HMV on the way home to buy their album. I know that one of the big draw cards for me then was their member Alex Pennie who has since moved on and even though I really like the new recorded material, I was really worried that their live show would be flat and possibly boring. I didn’t need to worry because Paul Mullen has taken his place and does an amazing job and the band as a whole seem to fit comfortably together and really seem to be experimenting and pushing themselves more.

Unfortunately the venue was quite empty but it turned out to be one of those nights where I didn’t really expect too much and left really content. Definitely going to be listening to the new album a lot more.

As always the lighting at The Garage shouldn’t even be considered lighting. I almost hate shooting there just because I hate not having a chance of shooting anything worthwhile but I tried my best. I wish they could figure out how to focus the lights on the artists and less on the crowd or introduce the usage of flash to accommodate or something. Haha. I really pushed my camera here the most that I have before but it’s not ideal and I don’t like doing that. Also, most of the light was on stage left (my left) so I just concentrated on that.

Check out The Automatic, they are good at what they do and they have a good time doing it.

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