17 April 2009 – Tonight was the first night of Give It A Name and I went through to shoot two of the bands and this is the first set of photographs from the night of the band The Blackout and for the first time on this site I decided to shoot in Black and White because the lighting just seemed to suit it more. Basically the stage was mostly back-lit so it was really weird to work with but I think these have come out alright.

The band was really good and I cannot believe that I don’t have an album of theirs in my collection. I have never seen a live band where there are 2 vocalists and neither of them play an instrument and on this big stage they really got to run around and go wild. It was super cool to see and the crowd were loving it. They just launched their new music video and you should check it out if you have a moment because it will really excite you for their upcoming new album.

I hope you enjoy. M












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