06 November 2011The Blackout headlined the show tonight at Roundhouse and they did it properly.

I’ve photographed the guys here twice before actually but both as support slots so I was excited to see if they could make it any better than those times and they completely did by going huge.

They’ve just been voted as best British live band and there have been a bunch of people speaking crap about them but tonight they showed that no matter what you think and no matter if the statement is true or not … they give their live shows EVERYTHING and there were a bunch of people there who loved it more than any other show they’ve ever been to.

Politics is too much for me and I don’t really care if they are the best or not but I do love to see them live … every time.

Stage setup was amazing and definitely worth the bands efforts. Another great night.

Look them up if you don’t know them yet. It’ll be worth it.

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