06 February 2013 – I was really lucky to have worked so closely with The Blackout on their recent album artwork and release campaign.

Start The Party came out towards the end of January but we started working on imagery for it in August of last year. I already posted a few portraits that we shot while out in Ibiza and although there are many more I would like to show I thought it would be better to post a few others that have been used that we shot back in London.

The whole concept for the album was “party” so we kept that going throughout most of the shots which was an absolute mess to clean up afterwards. Some of the shots are meant to be during the “party” and some are meant to be the aftermath of the “party”, especially some of the Ibiza portraits.

I also had a really strong idea of shooting a double exposure of each of the guys which would be quite a bit darker than that other “party” shots we had taken … so I photographed each of the guys in quite a “normal” (even serious) pose and then another shot of each of the guys doing something that had more of a “party” feel to it. I love the way that these shots came out and they were used in the album artwork which looks amazing.

I love these guys as a band and as people, it was an absolute pleasure to work with them on this and I believe in the album as much as they do. Hopefully it won’t be the last and I might possibly post a few more images at a later stage but for now take the time out to look them up and buy a copy of the album … it’s a great banger worth every penny.










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