the bronx live at ulu

19 May 2009 – Tonight I shot The Bronx at ULU and I was completely blown away. I have to admit that I had never heard a song from these guys before today and had no idea of what to expect and I am happy that I have had my eyes opened to this kind of entertainment.

I am a new fan of The Bronx after the show they put on. The crowd was young but strong and the “brotherhood” that filled the room was of a kind that I haven’t seen in a long time. The guys were super humble and grateful for everyone being there to see them and they almost seemed amazed that anyone actually likes what they are doing. They played hard and really put all their efforts and emotions into each song and when that happens I find it hard not to appreciate. If you haven’t heard them before and like hardcore then I know you will relate to this so check them out.

Never before have I seen that many people stage diving and crowd surfing. It was like being 16 again which is never a bad feeling.

From a photography point of view, there was no barrier blocking off an area where we could shoot from safely and the crowd was going wild so I opted for shooting from stage left and the top balcony area with just my 50mm lens. It was quite hard because of the lighting but I do like a few of these.








UPDATE – My photos were used in a review on the show and you can check that out by Clicking Here.

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