This passed saturday The Exploited played live in Johannesburg. They have been playing punk rock since 1980 and I wasn’t even alive then. The singer honestly had the most stage energy I have ever seen in my life. The show got completely out of hand and I saw people actually getting trampled. I was pretty scared so I just hung out in the backstage and watched the show from a safe place. It was really complete chaos as my buddy, Tyrone, explains.

It was good though and I got some pretty cool photographs. You can see in the third one how much spit and sweat was flying around. I buried myself in my hoodie and am taking my camera to Nikon right now for a clean up.

Thanks so much to Nick from Punk Safari for bringing out bands and supporting the scene here so much.

the exploited performing live in south africa photographed by marcus maschwitz

the exploited performing from the uk photographed by marcus maschwitz

spit flying during the exploited show photographed by marcus maschwitz

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