21 September 2012 – The guys from The Futureheads played a super special show at McCluskys down in Kingston that I photographed.

The show was a mixture of acoustic and a capella tracks that the guys have written / covered and I personally think that they are my favourites that the guys have released so far.

This is the first show that I have photographed at McCluskys which is now the new home of New Slang, put together by Banquet Records, and it was really promising. I did love the shows that happened at the Hippodrome but this definitely feels more like a gig venue.

Lighting for a show like this is never a highlight to photograph and I never enjoy ruining the atmosphere, especially an “intimate” one like this, by flashing during the set so I opted to try something different and these are a few of my favourites.

A great band and definitely a must see, especially as this a capella / acoustic set.


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