23 June 2010 – Tonight I photographed the guys from The Get Up Kids and it was another show that I was looking super forward to and with good reason.

I’ve been a fan of this band for years ever since my close friend showed me their stuff about 11 years ago and even though they had a break for a good while, the bands that came out of their line-up (Reggie and the Full Effect / The New Amsterdams) filled the gap that they left and actually took a new place in my line up of great bands.

Anyway, last year the guys had their 10 year anniversary since the release of Something to Write Home About and they had a reunion and played a show in London which I photographed and it got me SUPER excited on their stuff again so the chance to shoot them again tonight really got me smiling. The only difference is that this time the sound was incredible and probably the best live mix I have heard in the last year. It was an unbelievable show and I am almost pissed that I am booked for another shoot tomorrow as I would love to see them play again.

I don’t normally enjoy shooting at The Underworld only because its always super full and tight inside (ESPECIALLY tonight) and its hard to get a good spot to shoot from. I did a rethink on my way up and decided to shoot from the stage side which obviously doesn’t allow me to get a good shot of all the members but it was the best option. The lighting here is never the best but I balanced myself and shot a bunch of shots that I am really happy with by framing each shot around the other members.

Make sure to see these guys soon if you get the chance but be prepared to be hooked. If you aren’t a fan yet, you definitely will be at the end of the show.

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