31 October 2009 – A few months back I had a shoot with the guys from The Glass Empire which came out really well and you can see them here.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with the guys and it has been amazing following them on their journey since our shoot. They have launched their myspace which looks great and they have added two new songs that kill. These guys are “hard” and their stuff is “loud” and this weekend was their first live show since their name change which also marked the start of their UK tour.

The guys booked me to join them on this Halloween night down in the weird town of Sheerness (based on my time there) so I drove down for a good night out with them.

After listening to their stuff online I had been quite excited to see how the bands live performance would compare and I loved that they didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately because of the amount of bands that were playing tonight they had to keep their set short but in a good way it allowed the guys to just blow minds from start to finish without the slightest sniff of the set toning down in anyway. The crowd fed off every release of energy that they were giving out and the floor became a pit filled with halloween-kitted freaks.

These are a few of the photographs from the night. The lighting was really hard to work with because there wasn’t much of it and the background tagging was really over powering so I just filled in with some flash and tried my best to make sure not to loose the atmosphere of the room.

Check these guys out and try catch one of their live shows.













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