11 September 2009 – A few weeks ago I shot photographs with the guys from The Glass Empire for them to use as part of their new PR and MySpace layout and I have been holding out on them while they get things ready.

The guys were formerly known as “I Made the World Stand Still” but they had a slight line up change resulting in them reworking their sound to benefit from the change. They are really taking this seriously and decided that the best way to move forward was to change the bands name and really push forward. They have also been picked up by the “Give It Life Agency” to handle their management and all these changes are destined to push them forward in a big way. That and the fact that their stuff sounds super good.

Anyway, the guys are all from the Isle of Wight so they hooked up a van to make their way to South West London where we ventured together to a field / park to shoot some stuff of the guys. It was really raining hard and the weather was quite crap until just before the guys arrived which made for a super nice sky filled with dark black clouds. We shot some individual portraits in the open field and then made our way towards the river so that we could shoot a few group shots under the trees surrounding the river.

These are just a few of the shots from the day. I think that they came out really well and it was a super cool time working with these guys. I think they are a band that you need to keep a look out for and I look forward to seeing where they go and working with them again in the future. If you like Hardcore Metal then you need to give these guys a listen and look out for their live set. The are definitely a new “worthwhile” addition to the Metal / Alternative scene.

Their songs are fast paced, heavy and have melodic undertones, which makes their energetic style unforgettable to watch Live.










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