27 April 2010 – Tonight I photographed an absolutely amazing show by The King Blues at Shepherds Bush Empire.

This was the 4th time that I had seen / photographed them and also the biggest show that I have seen them headline to date and there was definitely a lot of pressure on them to step it up which they did way more than anyone could have ever thought of. I was really excited for this show because of the energy that these guys give off during their live set and also because of the positive messages that they share. Every time I’ve seen them before I leave feeling like I can make a positive change some how. It might be a small change but that doesn’t matter.

Tonight was the same except now I am quite a lot more familiar with their material so I was able to sing and dance along as apposed to just watching and consuming. Itch is a great front man with such a touching presence and one of my favourite front man to watch because it cannot be made more obvious as to how convinced he is about the words that he is singing. I love it.

Anyway, I won’t go on for ages but want to say that the show was perfect. The stage lighting as a spectator was my the best that I have seen in all the shows I have shot at this venue and their efforts and attention to detail really paid off.

Make sure you watch these guys live because they are fun and super good at getting the party started. I cannot wait for their next live show. I am listening to their albums again now learning more and more so I can be even better prepared for the next fix.

These are a few of the photos I shot, I hope they give even a glimpse of the magic experience.

“Thanks so much for reminding me of what the world would be like if Punk Rock never existed. It’s sad to even think about it.”

Setlist: Intro, Blood, Landlord, Headbutt, Music Man, Kissing Frogs, I Got Love, Everything Happens For A Reason, Streets, Out of Luck, Lampost, My Boulder, Holiday, Bonkers, Save The World, Poems, Taking Over

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