27 October 2009 – Tonight I shot a few photos of the guys from The King Blues and this was the second time that I had seen them play.

They last time was when they opened for Rise Against earlier this year and I have to say that I didn’t really pay attention because I was DYING to see the main act but tonight was different as they were the main act. I don’t really feel the music that much but I appreciate what the guys are doing and the crowd loved it which is the most important thing. The band does seem to give it their all and I like the fact that they really write about and follow up on what they believe.

The lighting tonight was really crap and the other photographers ended up complaining to the venue management so they dropped the “no flash” rule which made it a bit better but for some reason this is my worst venue to photograph at. I think it is a mix up of the high stage, small pit, small stage, terrible lighting, tons of smoke and a few other things.

Anyway, these are a few of the shots I don’t hate. Haha. Will post more of the other bands in a bit.











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