29 November 2011 – Tonight I also photographed The King Blues at The Forum Hertfordshire which was a great time as always.

It has been a while since the major line-up changes and it’s more and more evident that it was all for the better. The band has always been great but have gone from being a “fun” band to a band with cause that are tight together as a unit and I honestly love seeing them live … tonight is no different.

They will be working on their new album soon and it’s sure to smash all our faces in. I honestly cannot wait.

Set tonight as always was great although I find this venue to just be missing something. I have no idea what it is but I always feel it when I shoot here. I think that the stage roof is just too high or something and it just feels like the atmosphere is a bit flash or something … it could just be personal though.

Check out The King Blues and know that you will love them.

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