02 November 2011 – Tonight The King Blues played their biggest headline show in London … or at least the biggest one I have ever been to.

I’ve always made it clear that I really love these guys so this might just be one of those posts … Haha.

Honestly though, the guys (and girls) have really stepped it up loads and it’s obvious that they are only getting more and more comfortable with each other as a band. They were tight and the sound was huge … granted that they had an extra string section … and the backup vocals of a few thousand punk rockers.

I’m not saying that I agree with every single thing that the band have to say … that makes me human … but they definitely give the feeling that they believe in what they say 100% and that passion is AMAZING to witness.

The King Blues are great and I cannot wait to hear what they come up with on the new record they have started working on. The tracks they showcased tonight sound killer.

Look them up.

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